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Diving and Snorkeling on Salt Cay

humpback whales seen diving in salt cay turks and caicos islands nurse shark seen diving in salt cay turks and caicos ilsands

Salt Cay scuba diving and snorkeling on walls, coral heads, barrier reef and wrecks in and around Salt Cay and Grand Turk.

Dive on the Endymion Wreck, dive with whales, snorkel from the shore and swim with sting rays. Salt Cay offers scuba divers and snorkelers an abundance of marine life in sparkling beautiful seas, "The Wall", a 7000 foot trench, is only 100 yards from shore and the Endymion, and unsalvaged 17th century warship in 25-35 feet of water are but two of many fantastic dive sites around the island.

castle coral on salt cay turks and caicos islandsScuba diving on Salt Cay is an unforgettable experience. Salt Cay is rated highly by Rodales as some of the best diving in the world.

Several operators are ready to take you SCUBA diving, either group or private charters. Let Pirates Hideaway by the Sea help you arrange a variety of dives with local professional dive guides. You get incredible & versatile days of 1-3 tank diving based on what you desire. Mix and match with additional or optional activities which include: Wreck diving, Swimming with stingrays, Whale watching, exploring deserted islands Please enquire for rates.

turtle off of salt cay turks and caicos islands pristine divingSwimmers and snorkelers always enjoy the warm waters, coral heads swarming with colorful sea life and the white sandy beaches of Salt Cay.

Salt Cay Incredible Scuba Diving and Whale Watching

During the months of February, March and early April, scuba divers, swimmers and snorkelers all enjoy the thrill of watching the migrating Humpback Whales off the shoreline of Salt Cay.

Secluded beaches in the Turks Islands

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