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The Magnificent Humpback Whale

Caribbean whale watching expeditions on Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands. Watch the Caribbean humpbacks as they migrate from Salt Cay toward the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic and back to Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Caribbean whale watching - Copyright Thomas L. Conlin. All rights reserved., vigorous, bubbly and inquisitive these majestic rorquals of the sea pass by the shores off Salt Cay on their way to the breeding grounds. It is during the mating season that divers and snorkelers delight in the long and complex songs of the males as they presumably whale and sing mating songs to their better halves. Very social they regularly travel in groups of  two or more and you can often see them with their calves.

Anyway at close range they are easily distinguished by their exceptionally long flippers, knobbly head and the white and black coloration on the underside of the fluke (tail). They have a much more rounded and dare I say it, voluptuous body then other whales with an area of white on its back or belly. And if you want to count the baleen plates found on each side of the upper jaw they total between 270 and 400. Caribbean whale watching -- just another way to spend the day on Salt Cay! 

Caribbean whale watching, Copyright Thomas L. Conlin. All rights reserved. indeed what majestic creatures. They can grow in size up to 15m....I know, I know, someone has to find a converter for us less mathematically inclined. That's somewhere around  50 feet and probably why scientists and other brainy individuals without a speech impediment  refer to them as MEGAAPTERA NOVAEANGLIAE. Now, I want you to say that 10 times backwards!

They grow to 50 feet of course and live to 70 plus if they first  survive human disturbances, prey depletion, pollution, hunting, entanglement in nets and collisions with vessels. Thousands upon thousands were wiped out by commercial whalers but luckily since 1966 they are now under the protection of the Whaling Commission.

Declared an endangered species we must all do our best to respect our "brothers" of the sea. Salt Cay whale watchers are fascinated by their antics. The humpback whale loves to flipper slap, breach, lobtail and generally frolic sometimes close to a boat which they approach out of natural curiosity.

More on Humpback identification - Click Here

When we go on a Turks and Caicos whale watching expedition it is important to remember that these grand and noble mammals deserve respect and are not a  sideshow but a rare opportunity and unique experience to observe them in their natural environment. On this we must stand united and as we all well know "United We Stand" is a catch phrase that covers a lot of ground these days!

If you would like to join a Turks and Caicos whale watching expedition aboard the vessel Brittany Leigh
contact Mr Allan Dickenson on (649) 231 6663 
or Candy at (649) 244-1407 or email


Whale Watching Tours $ per person for 2+ hours
Salt Cay Charters Please enquire
Grand Turk Ferry Round trip - biweekly

Depart Salt Cay 7:am
Depart Grand Turk 2:30 pm

Prices subject to change without prior notice

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